PLUXITY Launches PLUG-airport Platform That Allows Smart Control of Airports and Factories Flexibly

2021-01-08 16:15 출처: Pluxity

SEOUL--(뉴스와이어) 2021년 01월 08일 -- PLUXTIY, the company possessing the source technology for digital twin, which was utilized in Seoul city, Busan City, Incheon International Airport, and a newly built city in Turkmenistan, said that it launched ‘PLUG-airport,’ a digital twin-based integrated control solution for special-purpose venues.

PLUXITY, the leader in 3D virtualization technology, has developed the PLUG-airport solution with the source technology as the basis. Based on 3D spatial information, PLUG-airport can control physical security systems including closed-circuit TVs and access control, as well as other systems such as lightings and environmental sensors in a single 3D map.

Airports and power plants that have complicated control points need smart integrated control solutions, as such solutions can allow operators to check intuitively the status of closed-circuit TVs, electric safety systems, and fire prevention systems through the 3D map while responding in real time to problems as they occur.

An official of PLUXITY said, “Far removed from the conventional closed-circuit TV monitoring system, our platform is based on 3D spatial information and can respond quickly and accurately to developing situations. As it has been developed as a platform custom-tailored to each and every purpose, we expect that its demand from the building management platform industry will increase rapidly.”

For more information on the PLUG-airport, please visit the website of PLUXITY.

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