ACE INSTRUMENT Expects Sales to Soar in Europe Thanks to Favorable Reviews on Its Instrumentation Products for Civil Engineering

2020-12-23 17:30 출처: ACE INSTRUMENT CO., LTD.

GUNPO--(뉴스와이어) 2020년 12월 23일 -- ACE INSTRUMENT CO., LTD. announced that it expects its sales revenue to rise rapidly on the back of the recognition by European buyers on the quality and reliability of its innovative products including instruments for civil engineering, architecture, rock, and environmental purposes and data logger and operating software.

The company is an expert group specializing in geotechnical instrumentation with exports reaching more than 30 countries across the world.

ACE INSTRUMENT's flagship items include the digital vertical inclinometer system (Model no. 5481), the portable digital tiltmeter (Model no. 5411), and inclinometer casings.

The digital vertical inclinometer system (Model no. 5481), equipment that takes highly accurate readings of horizontal displacement within the inclinometer casing, consists of a lightweight probe, Bluetooth reel, and cable guide, and can be operated through an Android smartphone app.

The portable digital tiltmeter (Model no. 5411), a safety-diagnostic device to measure the stability of buildings, is highly convenient as it can measure the tilt in two directions at the same time thanks to its embedded 2 axis MEMS sensor.

The inclinometer casings, which look like a pipe used in the construction site for use with the inclinometer system to measure underground displacement, have a total of five types. These are high-quality products that allow semi-permanent usage with a high level of reliability.

In addition, the company produces and markets a variety of items for geotechnical instrumentation that measure the load, stress, strain, earth pressure, water level, pore pressure, angle, displacement, and the physical properties of rock in civil engineering construction sites, as well as readout units and data loggers.

With world-class technology in design, manufacturing, and digital calibration, the company supplies high-quality, high-reliability items based on the CE marking and the ISO-9001 quality management system.

Kyun-Sig Kim, CEO of ACE INSTRUMENT said, “Next year, we will focus more on overseas markets. As a leading company in geotechnical instrumentation, we will keep trying our utmost to create the world's best instruments for civil engineering, construction, and rock measurement.”

For more information on the ACE INSTRUMENT and its products, please visit its website.

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