Japan Manganime Factory Changes the Distribution Model of Japanese Manga in the World

Japan Manganime Factory implements ICO to distribute Japanese manga from China to the world

2019-03-12 11:20 출처: Japan Manganime Factory Pte. Ltd.

SINGAPORE--(뉴스와이어) 2019년 03월 12일 -- Japan Manganime Factory Pte. Ltd., a Singaporean corporation, will implement ICO to change the distribution model of Japanese manga in the world by utilizing blockchain technology, and will launch “MANGANIME STORE,” an integrated platform portal site that deals with various original contents such as anime, games, goods and so on.

In addition, we will distribute various Japanese original manga contents and authors in the Chinese market, spread information, and carry out the Weibo popularity vote at the time of scenario (name) and character and so on. Before making an investment in the production, by measuring the number of followers and popularity and making the top manga into anime, Japan Manganime Factory will efficiently create manga by Japanese popular authors from China, then make them into games and goods and build a new distribution model of Japanese manga in China.

MANGANIME SOCIAL NETWORK enables “tipping” by a token other than the charge in the site and earning income dividend of the work in MANGANIME STORE, and is an SNS type platform that connects manga authors/writers and users with a token.

In making manga that gained popularity in the vote into anime, Japan Manganime Factory will collect investments from our supporters, and same as manga authors/writers/editors, we will grant the right of income dividend to the work.

And we will aim from China to Asia, and from Asia to the world.

Company Name: Japan Manganime Factory Pte. Ltd.
CEO: Emi Nakasuji
URL: https://www.jmfsgp.com/

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